We supply a wide range of pumps and accessories suitable for various applications and industries ranging from light and general engineering to building, construction and fire protection.

Our experience

Here at Natal Pump Services we have a large amount of experience with pumps from a vast range of manufacturers including Viking, Xylem (Lowara and Flygt) and many others

We supply pumps to all kinds of industries such as:

Pump variations

Due to the nature of the fluids that can be used in an industrial application, industrial pumps come in a large array of sizes and shapes.

There are also centrifugal pumps, which use a rotating impeller to accelerate a fluid and increase its pressure. There are many other types of pumps that are named based upon the functions they perform—including concrete pumps, slurry pumps, paint pumps, grinder pumps, and many others.  

Natal Pump Services

global leader in positive displacement pumping solutions

Natal Pump Services

In addition the company’s industrial wing remains a supplier to the industry as sole distributors for the Viking Gear Pumps, that are defined as positive displacement pumps that displace a fixed quantity of liquid with each revolution of the pump by moving liquid between the pump elements and a stationary casing. Since 1911, Viking Pump has been the leading innovator and solutions provider for positive displacement pump applications around the world.

Internal Gear Pump

The Internal Gear Pump was invented by Viking Pump’s founder, Jens Nielsen, in 1904. It is used in manufacturing most of the materials used in the products that we all touch every day.The internal gear pump is the “workhorse” of countless manufacturing processes.

  • Broadest selection of materials, designs, seals, ports, and displacements.
  • Adjustable clearances enable handling viscosities from 28 to 2,000,000 SSU (1 to 440,000 cSt)
  • Low shear

External Gear Pump

The external gear pump is the ultimate solution for high pressure pumping.

  • Bearing support on both sides of the gears enables differential pressures to 500 PSI (34 BAR), or Intermittent to 2,500 PSI (170 BAR)
  • Motor speed operation eliminates cost of speed reducer
  • Eliminates lubrication – no external axial or radial bearing required in most applications

rotary vane Pump

Offers the ability to handle thin liquids at high pressures in stainless steel materials, by reducing the clearances that gear pumps need to prevent pick-up.

  • High pressure and high efficiency with thin liquids.
  • Pump design offers ANSI or DIN flanges, and IEC or NEMA motor mounts to conform to international standards for enhanced application flexibility.
  • 20 minute in-line vane replacement reduces scheduled downtime.
  • Harder components than other vane pumps extend pump life.
  • 62 Rockwell C surface-hardened one-piece, 316 stainless steel casing.
  • Silicon carbide sleeve bearings.
  • Chrome oxide shaft coating.

Industrial Lobe Pump

The RL Series timed rotary lobe pumps with bi-wing lobes have been designed exclusively for industrial applications. They combine these four key benefits:

  • Maintain product integrity, especially for shear-sensitive fluids, suspensions or dispersions.
  • Provide a variety of sealing options, allowing end users to purchase seals from their vendor of choice.
  • Provide higher pressure capabilities than traditional rotary lobe pumps.
  • Provide ease of maintenance, including cleaning and lobe clearance adjustment. Simple timing design requires no shimming.

NPS Centrifugal Process Pumps

To compliment the Viking Gear Pumps we have a range of centrifugal process pumps that have been enhanced and have evolved to improve efficiency and longevity. Ideally suitable for mild chemical transfer from underground to overhead tank, unloading from tanker, washing and cleaning of parts, Food and dairy products, beverages etc.

  • simple & Front open design
  • All contact parts of SS-316 material
  • Best in class efficiency with high head and high capacity
  • Available in monoblock & Bare type
  • Sealing by Mechanical Seal of Carbon, Ceramic, SC, TC, & Pure Teflon Packing

a leader in developing innovative water solutions through smart technology

Xylem focuses on producing high efficiency products that use less energy, providing environmental benefits to users and the communities in which our products operate. Their systems are engineered for reliability, reducing maintenance and the overall life-cycle costs of ownership. The main Xylem brands we offer are  Lowara and Flygt:

We have been a distributer for Lowara general purpose pumps for many years. Lowara is a world leader in stainless steel pump manufacturing technology, offering solutions for water, waste water, HVAC and fire protection in agricultural, building trades, commercial and light industrial applications. As part of an ongoing focus on the industrial market, Vogel Pumpen will now be incorporated into the flagship Lowara branded pump line. Based in Austria, Vogel Pumps engineer energy-efficient products that transport clear, contaminated, aggressive, abrasive, hazardous or high-temperature liquids as well as wastewater and sewage for building trades, industrial and municipal applications.

Natal Pumps Flygt

The world’s premier manufacturer of submersible pumps, mixers and mechanical aeration equipment for use in markets ranging from water and wastewater treatment, raw water supply, abrasive or contaminated industrial processes, mining and irrigation.