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Internal Gear Pumps The Internal Gear Pump was invented by Viking Pump's founder, Jens Nielsen, in 1904. It is used in manufacturing most of the materials used in the products that we all touch every day
External Gear Pumps The External Gear Pump, with spur, helical or herringbone gears, offers higher pressures and unique abilities to supply multi-section specialty pumps with one driver
Rotary Vane Pumps The Rotary Vane Pump offers the ability to handle thin liquids at high pressures in stainless steel materials, by reducing the clearances that gear pumps need to prevent pick-up
Industrial Lobe Pumps The Industrial Lobe Pump offers solids handling capability, low shear and higher pressures, plus industrial seal options

Xylem focused on producing high efficiency products that use less energy, providing environmental
benefits to users and the communities in which our products operate, their systems are engineered for
reliability, reducing maintenance and the overall life-cycle costs of ownership. the main Xylem brands
are as follows:


We have been a distributer for Lowara general purpose pumps for many years.


The world's premier manufacturer of submersible pumps, mixers and mechanical aeration equipment for use in markets ranging from water and wastewater treatment, raw water supply, abrasive or contaminated industrial processes, mining and irrigation.

Godwin Pumps

Global leaders in the supply of fully automatic self-priming pumps used in temporary and permanent applications. Godwin rents and sells a full range of diesel and electric pumps used for dewatering and liquids transfer in mining, construction, municipal and industrial markets.


A premier manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) disinfection and ozone (O2) oxidation systems, and related monitoring and control systems, for the disinfection of municipal and industrial water and wastewater


Xylem's Leopold brand is a leader in rapid gravity media filtration and clarification solutions for the water and
wastewater industry. 


Producers of complete biological wastewater treatment solutions, including diffused aeration, sequencing batch reactor systems and membrane bioreactor systems for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Lowara is a world leader in stainless steel pump manufacturing technology, offering solutions for water, wastewater, HVAC and fire protection in agricultural, building trades, commercial and light industrial application As part of an ongoing focus on the industrial market, Vogel Pumpen will now be incorporated into the
flagship Lowara branded pump line. Based in Austria, Vogel Pumps engineer energy-efficient products that transport clear, contaminated, aggressive, abrasive, hazardous or high-temperature liquids as well as wastewater and sewage for building trades, industrial and municipal applications.
Xylem Rental

Xylem Water Solutions South Africa's dedicated pump rental services are designed to cater specifically
to the needs of local customers. We have the largest and most versatile submersible and diesel unit
rental fleet in Africa and Southern Africa.

The Rental fleet includes:
•Submersible drainage and dewatering pumps
•Diesel and electric dri-prime pumps
•Submersible mixers
•Pump flotation systems
24/7 rapid response, perfect for when a quick resolution is vital
•Strategically located rental centres located nationwide and mobile rental engineers available to
deliver, install and commission your temporary pumping systems at short notice to overcome
an emergency situation
•Our specialist Rental department offers professional and bespoke system designs and OnSite
support when required
Typical applications include:
•Sewage diversions and over-pumping
•Solids-handling, slurry-handling
•Site drainage and dewatering
•Water transfer
•Sludge mixing
•Bespoke pumping systems

Company Philosophy

Our company is committed to providing technically sound engineering solutions coupled with the supply of correctly selected pump equipment backed up with reliable after sales service to ensure long term client satisfaction. Our mission is to become the most efficient, technically sound, independent pump supplier, offering a high quality customer and supplier experience.
Workshop / Reconditioning services
An extensively equipped service and repair facility for handling all makes and sizes of Centrifugal, Vacuum, Submersible and Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps - provides 24 hour service by professional and experienced Servicemen.

Services Include:

- System Calculation & Design Assistance.
- Pump Testing.
- After sales service, laser alignment and commissioning.
- Service exchange.
- Pump hire facility.

Should you require additional information or wish to clarify any matters pertaining to our working together please contact us at any time.


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